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Making things since 2014

Mettle was founded by friends who share a passion for making. Our foundation of friendship is critical to how we work at Mettle. We respect each other and treat each other with care, compassion, trust and honesty. We are so proud of the team we have brought together with incredible skills, empathy and ambition. Work is where you spend a huge part of your life...it should be fun, exciting and a pleasure to be a part of!

Team on green field
Member of the team doing a barbecue
Member of the team during his birthday
Member of the team during his birthday
Members of the cooking
Members of the team walking in a forest
Member of the team drinking two juices at the same time
Member of the team with open arms ready for a hug
Directors close to a cliff near the ocean
Members of the team working inside a van
Member of the team inside a boat in the middle of a river
Member of the team on raining day
Member of the team inside a waterfall
Members of the team near a cliff with mountains far away
Member of the team with six mugs of coffee
Members of the team camping togheter
Member of the team showing a picture that they took from a nice view
A very happy selfie from Charllote, one of the directors
Members of the team in a Figma event

Want to join the team?

We’re always looking for talented interesting people to join the team with either decades of experience or transitioning into design or development. We’re looking for people who can propel us forward in exciting new ways. Get in touch!

We’d love to discuss your idea or challenge. Please get in touch with Charlotte, our MD, to arrange a call.

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If you’re interested in working at Mettle, we’d love to hear from you, please email:


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