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32,000 women and people with cervixes are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year in the UK. That’s nine women, mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends and friends every day. Sadly 99% of these cervical cancers are preventable with simple cervical screening. But 1 in 3 women don’t attend their cervical screening. That is why we want to introduce Thyia, the comfortable and convenient smear test alternative.

Thyia app screens
We built Thyia’s digital service for at home cervical screening

Thyia uses simple, pain-free at-home sampling technology to test for HPV.

We harnessed the full power of digital to create a seamless and educational end-to-end digital journey from receiving your first test, to being provided with your results. We also worked with the Thyia team to design beautiful, sustainable packaging for the first at- home test.

Thyia website landing page
Thyia instructions
Thyia boxes with one open box
Thyia taking your test instructions page
We designed a unique visual identity & brand

Conducting research with a diverse mix of potential users, we used the insights gathered to create a truly inclusive brand - one that reflects the approachability of Thyia’s HPV test and deliberately stood apart from the more traditional, clinical feel often found in the medical industry

Thyia logo
Thyia mobile app order page
Thyia outdoor
Thyia brand with hands crossing fingers on background
We created a product roadmap and delivered an NHS pilot

Working with the Thyia team, we are developing an MVP in-line with regulation to launch through a pilot scheme, partnering with the NHS and Healthcare professionals.

Thyia 400k GBP grant investment
Enabling our clients to realise their full potential

Our partnership with Thyia has enabled them to gain over £400,00 in Innovate UK support and be part of the Femtech Lab Accelerator. By enabling self-testing and bringing this business to life we are promoting increased screening uptake, and hopefully saving lives.

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