A simple, pain-free, home HPV test to protect women from cervical cancer

Thyia uses at-home sampling technology to test people for HPV - a virus that causes 99% percent of cervical cancer cases. We worked with the Thyia team to launch their business - we created their visual identity & agile brand, led the service & product design of the first product and created the materials to attract further investment.
What we did
UX & UI Design
Visual Identity
User Research
Packaging Design
App Prototyping



Thyia HPV testing kit & app

We harnessed the full power of digital to create a seamless and educational end-to-end digital journey from receiving your first test, to being provided with your results. We also worked with the Thyia team to design beautiful, sustainable packaging for the first at- home test.

Thyia app in use
A screen with all the instructions for Thyia

We designed an unique visual identity

Conducting research with a diverse mix of potential users, we used the insights gathered to create a truly inclusive brand - one that reflects the approachability of Thyia’s HPV test and deliberately stood apart from the hostile feeling products often found in the medical industry.

Tyhyia logo
Thyia visual icons
Thyia branding in use
Thyia branding in use
Thyia instagram visual identity
Thyia instagram visual identity
We ensured that Thyia’s digital-first brand expression could be used across every touchpoint. From logo, colour palette and typeface to website, brochure and product design.
Thyia instagram visual identity

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