Using clean heat sources to repower coal power stations all over the world
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Using clean heat sources to repower coal power stations all over the world

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The Challenge

Repower are an organisation focused on regenerating existing coal plants with green energy to reduce global carbon emissions. They came to us in need of a more powerful narrative and rebrand, along with a website re-design and build, to better engage a wide and varied audience with their mission.

Repower logo with workers on the back

How we delivered impact through collaboration

We began the project by mapping out the key user groups we wanted to engage with the digital product and crucially to convert to supporters of the Repower mission. These groups ranged from members of the general public, to policy makers and investors.
We immersed ourselves in the understanding our client already had of these groups to start to understand key drivers. We then conducted interviews with various representatives from the key user groups to build our understanding of the awareness of repowering coal plants, how these groups engage with content and what drives them to move from passive viewers to supporters of movements. We took this insight and created detailed Personas and Design Principles to guide us through the project and hold us accountable to the voices of our users.

Repower 3 circles with texts: General Public, Policy Makers, Financial Investors.

We very quickly uncovered a general sense of climate fatigue amongst all user groups. It was clear our target groups had been over exposed to language, messages and design associated with climate and environmental advocacy. However, they were much more engaged with the social and economic impact of repowering. This insight inspired a rebrand focused on individual, human stories, with an optimistic and action orientated feel. We moved away from the typical colour palette associated with climate organisations and used the faces and stories of real people involved and impacted by the movement. We also ensured there were clear ‘calls to action’ throughout the website, so that users felt like they could get involved quickly and easily and were able to contribute.

Illustration of an industry

Having conducted our initial research and co-creation workshops with the client, we moved into a series of sprints creating, refining and implementing brand and website concepts. As part of these sprints we put designs in front of users and continually iterated based on feedback until we created a Minimal Loveable Product. This website has now been launched to the public, we’re gathering real time feedback and continuously improving the product.

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