A smart wearable that promotes healing & prevents surgical wound complications


Preconditioning the skin pre-operatively has been shown to improve the blood supply to the skin. This has been shown to prevent wound healing complications following surgery in clinical trials.

What we did

UX Design
UI Design
App Development



A preconditioning device to be worn before surgery

Together with Plexaa we created a wearable that runs preconditioning protocols for patients automatically. The device delivers ultra precise and safe preconditioning to the skin so that the patient can run protocols from the comfort of home, the day before surgery.

Empowering the patient to prepare for surgery

The connected app guides patients through the preparation process and device use. A confident patient experience is promoted through clear communication of what to expect and live, real-time reporting of what is happening.

Comfort, simplicity, flexibility and the emotive needs of the user were of primary importance for Plexxa, who believe that user-centric design is the future of health and wellbeing delivery.