Mott Macdonald – Moata

Creating a design-first ecosystem for the engineering world.

How might we create a unified & streamlined experience?

By combining various civil engineering software tools, the Smart Infrastructure team at Mott Macdonald, an engineering consultancy, are bringing together multiple, novel data sets to provide infrastructure intelligence.

However, bringing together multiple products, with little relationship, whilst creating a common experience requires an enormous amount of specialist engineering knowledge, and experience of navigating complex UX challenges and building intuitive UIs.

We needed to create a unified customer experience across the various platforms that are serving all aspects of the digital civil engineering domain.

Crafting a holistic design system

We partnered with Mott Macdonald to create a robust, yet flexible, holistic digital design system that unifies a suite of disparate web products. This enabled us to create a smart infrastructure platform capable of binging all the Mott MacDonald software products from around the business into one single platform.

We continue to work as their design team, collaborating closely with their developers to build and develop products to grow this internal start-up.

Pushing beyond state-of-the-art

We’ve helped shape a world leading digital platform in the infrastructure industry. The design system we created has reduced design and develop time, created a shallow learning curve for users moving between platforms, and elevates the brand across all products.

This approach to design differentiates Moata from Mott MacDonald’s competitors and can be used to target new clients. The platform is currently regarded as the state of the art within the smart infrastructure industry, but there is more to come as we are working to evolve and improve it.