Moata Land Management
Reliable centralised data that keeps infrastructure moving
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Moata Land Management brings intuitive data handling to land ownership, land access and surveys. It reduces the risk of inaccurate information and enables involved teams to execute vital procedures and tasks effectively.

Without this coordination of land- and rights-based processes, no infrastructure project would be able to begin.

Photo taken from a drone showing a worker measuring a property

Engaging Users

Effectively designing a product involves bringing users from various backgrounds along the journey. Conducting interviews, hosting collaborative in-person sessions, building relationships through ad-hoc dialogue created communities vital for designing to each need. Actively involving the tech lead in this community, ensured implementation was also directly informed by insight.

List of assigned tasks with checkboxes

Designing within an ecosystem

When a product is within a wider platform of products, challenges needed to be addressed in a manner suiting user needs at the same time as ensuring that platform conventions are adhered to. Sometimes this meant defining new platform conventions to accommodate novel needs – and so, involved frequent cross-product communication and collaboration.

Survey schedule screen with numerous scheduled surveys

Building for migration

Rebuilding an existing software meant that all decisions had to centre ensuring that users are able complete all tasks required for their roles within the tightly regulated infrastructure projects, even at MVP. This would provide a secure foundation for projects to easily move over to the new build without losing core functionality.

View from above of a land with project details on one side of it

Expanding team collaboration

Ways of working needed to evolve to accommodate the push for accelerated progress from key stakeholders. To support their team, we introduced new channels of communication to start to enable one team mentality and agility. We also broke up work in a way to allow for pivots without disruption and provide a confidence-building structure for stakeholders and the team to get behind.

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