Innocent Drinks

Designing for the future of work

How might we build the best employee community?

Innocent Drinks, a FMCG company, came to Mettle keen to embrace our innovative thinking to design for the future of work. As the world of work continues to evolve, they wanted to better understand how to support employees and specifically look at creating a strong community feel for both remote and office-based employees.

Fast-tracking ideas throughout the business

Through a series of design sprints, tackling challenges that ranged from innocent product areas to internal culture, we led innocent employees through a process of rapid ideation, testing and prototyping. We involved the wider business throughout by gathering data pre-sprint, having key stakeholders feed in at key points and testing ideas mid-week with the wider business. An intense but fun process!

From super-sustainable product launches to HQ revamps

Through our Design Sprints we developed a concept for innocent’s most sustainable product to date, which will be in market in 2022. We also developed internally facing concepts that have revolutionised their approach to employee parental leave, the promotions process and remote working set-up – which resulted in a £1.5m re-design of the London HQ to encourage more efficient and collaborative working.

Innocent have now adopted our sprint based approach to problem solving and use it to create their yearly global strategy and solve specific challenges across a variety of business functions.

“The Mettle Design Sprint completely changed how we viewed our strategy, it’s taken on a whole new meaning for the team. We’ve never been so proud of a strategy or the products in there, we couldn’t have done it without the Mettle team. What an amazing experience!”

Kate Telford, Innocent Strategy Manager