Future-proofing scientific software for laboratories

H.E.L. has produced software-controlled laboratory hardware for over 30 years. They wanted to refresh their front- and back-end software to provide remote access, a modern & intuitive user experience, and to future-proof their products.
What we did
UX Design
UI Design
Software Development



A forward thinking interface

We created a backward-compatible, comprehensive and forward-thinking interface between H.E.L hardware and a new modern set of front-end applications

A screen from the H.E.L. labCONSOL app

A versatile component library

We created a component library to facilitate consistent and fast design of multiple apps: now and in the future

Component library for H.E.L. labCONSOL
A scientist holding a tablet with the H.E.L. labCONSOL app
Our impact was such that H.E.L can now offer remote control of their systems. Scientists can now work remotely and have easy access to equipment in cold rooms or other difficult environments.

Alongside product development, there was a clear opportunity to redesign H.E.L’s established yet outdated brand

We uncovered the intricate, bespoke journeys that H.E.L went on with customers to deliver highly-tailored products. The brand asset toolbox we designed reflects these vibrant, agile interactions, and one that uses a bold, linear language
H.E.L. brand package
H.E.L. advertising poster
A woman reading a magazine about H.E.L
Our approach ensured that H.E.L embraced its new digital-first brand expression across every touchpoint. From logo, colour palette and typeface to website, brochure and product design

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