Gleaning Cornwall
The largest gleaning network in Europe
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Gleaning Cornwall are a non-profit organisation, made up of a group of volunteers, who glean surplus produce to support impoverished communities in Cornwall.

Gleaning Cornwall website landing page

Providing produce to those in need

They came to us in need of a more powerful narrative and rebrand, along with a website re-design and build, to better engage a wide and varied audience with their mission.

Gleaning Cornwall logo with dirt background
Gleaning Cornwall logo with green background


The Gleaning Cornwall team rely on their website for donations, big and small, as well as encouraging volunteers and farmers to participate in order to make gleans happen. We created their visual identity, improved their narrative, designed and built their website for a successful revamp.

Gleaning Cornwall font styles description for each section


With the Gleaning Cornwall branding, it was important to convey both the credibility and the grassroots nature of the organisation. We therefore used bright tones to complement the earthy green colours.

Gleaning Cornwall poster
Gleaning Cornwall volunteer poster

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