GE Life Sciences: Future Lab

Reimagining the future of pharmaceutical diagnostics labs.

How might we future-proof pharma-diagnostics?

GE Life Sciences, the precision health & pharmaceutical diagnostics arm of General Electric, came to Mettle struggling to imagine what the ‘laboratory of the future’ would look like and, crucially, how as a business they could position themselves to stay relevant.

Three days. Seven prototypes.

We saw the need to create an environment that facilitated creative problem solving and ambitious thinking, coupled with the ability to bring ideas to life rapidly.

We began by scoping out seven different opportunity areas for the laboratory of the future – looking across the physical products present in a lab, digital services, and new business models and revenue streams.

We then led a diverse group of GE employee experts, biotech start-ups and Mettle designers & technologists through a 3-day hackathon. Here, teams unpicked the opportunity areas, ideated & tested concepts and in these three days built seven working prototypes. Quite an achievement!

Delivering value to customer & business

Two of the concepts that came out of the hack are now in the hands of customers. One is a new approach to smart packaging that brings added value to a product, improves the customer experience and helps move the business towards their sustainability goals. The second concept is a refined co-lateral flow assay product, that has been used in the fight against COVID-19.

The seven working prototypes were showcased in GELS offices across the world, highlighting what a creative & agile way of thinking can achieve in a short space of time.

Our partnership with GELS has driven new product development and helped to embed a new approach to problem solving within the business, one they continue to use and champion today.

“Working with Mettle has had two major impacts. One, it’s changed the way we think, it’s caused a drastic culture shift on how we approach problem solving - we’re moving so much faster and actually getting stuff done.

"Secondly they’ve delivered tangible working tools for us - one of the products that came out of a hack has reduced time spent on a process to just 1% of how long it originally took, saving us valuable time and resource. I am really excited to see what happens when we launch the consumer facing products they’ve developed.

"We would not have got where we are without them.”

Paul Orange, VP e-Commerce, GE Life Sciences