The workout bench designed for your home

Reinventing working out from home with interior-led equipment and personalised training that adapts to every lifestyle. Our integrated approach across tech and hardware brought to life Fittle’s energy to make working out accessible from home.
What we did
Hardware Design
UX Design
UI Design
Software Development
Set Design


Together, we designed the Fittle Box

An adaptable box housing all the strength and conditioning equipment you need to get the most out of your workouts, and designed to fit beautifully into any home.

The hardware is paired with our mobile app that becomes your pocket personal trainer. The app drives elevated use of equipment and gives people access a wide range of workouts alongside structured fitness programs tailored to them.

An image of the Fittle box and three weight plates
The Fittle equipment in use in a plant-filled courtyard

Create your personalised program

Users can access custom-made workout programs built around them. The app provides them with workouts led by professional trainers based on their workout and lifestyle needs.

3 screenshots of the Fittle app
Two posters advertising Fittle, framed side-by-side on a concrete wall

A dynamic brand & UI kit

Centering around building strength and motivation, the Fittle visual identity ties in approachable home style trends and energetic fitness content.

A selection of elements from the Fittle UI design kit
Fittle Branding on Items
At its core, this project is an culmination of hardware design, software design & development, and branding. This project was a true partnership with the Fittle team: every decision made was made as a collective, all of us pulling together our different areas of expertise.
Three instagram posts created for Fittle's social media

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