Clippd Beta App

Aggregating golf data for enhanced performance analytics

How might we ignite next-level use of golf data?

The golf sector is rich with new technologies – GPS devices, launch monitors, smart ranges, digital scorecards and more – but all of these technologies are disconnected and have yet to become the norm. In order for golfers to extract the full potential of these technologies, they need a holistic view of all their data with aggregate analysis.

Clippd are a startup on a mission to aggregate golf tech and unlock it’s potential, but when they came to us they needed help articulating, and proving, their vision to help secure investment.

Driving early-stage product definition & validation

We worked with Clippd to distil their proposition, business case and to define their product roadmap. We created captivating investor presentation materials and designed and developed a proof of concept platform to gather performance data, user feedback and validate their proposition.

In full swing

We helped Clippd secure the funding they needed to kick-start their product team. They’ve now got a team of designers and developers, are about to launch the Clippd app and are on a trajectory to give the world of golf a major shake up.