Beryl Pixel

2-in-1 urban bike light, red or white, attach anywhere.

How might we create a game-changing bike light?

Beryl came to us with an open question: what problems do people encounter when using bike lights, and what would a bike light that solved those problems look like?

We plotted customer journeys and captured all of the interactions that people have when using bike lights. We identified charging as one of the major pain points: people often leave work only to realise their lights were low on battery, and their charging set ups at home were a mess of USB cables. We began to explore lights that could be charged as a set alongside the idea of spare/additional lights.

We decided that any small, versatile, urban bike light that forms part of a set should be completely interchangeable as both a front and a rear light: and so the Pixel was born!

Flexibility beyond cycling

The Pixel is a two-in-one light that can be either red or white. It offers complete flexibility and can be used on your bike as a front or rear light, or mounted to your bag, helmet, or arm for walking and running.

We worked side-by-side with Beryl's electronics and manufacturing engineers to ensure the design was as small, bright and as easy to use as possible. We were responsible for the concept development and industrial design.

Award-winning & fastest-selling

The Pixel was a huge success for Beryl, it was their fastest selling product and won a Red Dot Design Award. Bike riders love the product but we also found that people were buying the Pixel for jogging, prams, and even dogs.

As a follow on, we helped Beryl design a running band attachment so that the Pixel could be sold and used as a dedicated running light.