Redefining solar installation.

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What is SunStation?

The brainchild of Solarcentury, Sunstation is an, easy to install BIPV (Built-in Photovoltaic) solar system. Sunstation was pioneered and perfected by the UK’s top solar team and received an iF design award in 2016 for its innovative design.

Solar installation manuals aren’t quite so innovative. They have a reputation for being large, complicated, difficult to use and totally useless in bad weather conditions. We designed a compact and concise, step by step installation manual with a common visual language across the packaging, installation videos and product stickers. The manual is divided into colour coded sections, the graphical illustrations have been stripped back to reduce visual noise and supporting text, warnings and tips are given at key points in the install process.

Animating the installation and creating new touchpoints

To increase accessibility and engagement we created an installation video and Android and iOS app. The animation is a mixture of 3D renders and graphical detail in the same style as the manual. While instructional, we also wanted the animation to be suitable for commercial use, and create a smooth and fluid film that highlights the ease of installation of this clever solar system. Tying everything together, the app enables users to flick through the manual’s pages and has the option to watch a specific clip of the animation at for any step.

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SunStation image