Hackathons organised and facilitated by Mettle, for General Electric Life Sciences.

Disruption, innovation and stimulation

General Electric Life Sciences came to Mettle wanting to harness our hybrid understanding of digital and physical and our startup energy. The brief was to deliver workshops to embed digital and additive thinking, and shake these suits up!

Our hypothesis was that threats to Life Sciences’ business are not going to come from today’s competitors but today’s startups! The threat is especially real in the healthcare sector with new technologies rapidly surpassing the old.

The Hacks

Ahead of the workshops, 5 problem areas were identified within the Life Sciences business. Team leaders fleshed out these briefs and the challenge on the day was to lead teams hacking them. Mettle facilitators worked with teams getting them to think fast, think big and draw lots.

Hackathon image

Surprise and competition

G.E needed to feel that competition in the industry is a real threat. To ruffle feathers and pick up the pace, at the beginning of each Hack we introduced the teams to a group of students from Imperial College London.

In our first Hack G.E were based in Chicago and the students in London. They’d already been tackling the same briefs as them for the past 5 hours - the Hackathon instantly became transatlantic, competitive and real life. In the second Hack - Imperial and G.E came together in London to tackle new briefs!

Pitch perfect

At the end of the Hacks, teams pitched their ideas to a panel of G.E execs. There have been some amazing ideas, like a solution that could change the future of Hollow Fibre Manufacturing. Winning ideas received funding to be taken forward inside G.E for implementation!