Golf from a new perspective.

What is Pinsight?

Pinsight, came to us with a basic concept for a golfing app. They had meticulously filmed high quality, golf course flyovers and wanted us to produce a professional golfing app that utilised their footage. While consulting with them; providing guidance and a clear direction, we quickly realised that the market for golfing apps was competitive. However, Pinsight had some unique content - a fantastic library of HD flyover footage of various golf courses around the UK. We quickly decided that this should be at the forefront of the app and strongly believed that this footage would allow for a rich browsing experience.

In turn we designed and created Pinsight - a unique golfing app where you can watch and download HD flyover footage of courses! We implemented a wide range of other features to assist and enhance the user’s experience. With interactive scorecards, course details and the ability to search by name, location and favourites, Pinsight offers a fresh and helpful perspective to pro and amateur golfers alike.

An intelligent and slick interface

Due to the high volume of content in the app, it was vital that the UI was comprehensive yet extremely intuitive. Through prototyping and testing we were able to build an app that was informative as well as refined.

Pinsight image

Unique HD footage

The library of flyover footage is the app’s unique selling point. Every hole of each course has a downloadable video that you can access via the course’s page, along with an interactive scorecard for each hole. The videos are managed in the download section where you can download, delete and keep track of your offline videos.

Branding Pinsight

We wanted to support the app’s unique content with an original and modern brand. We designed a clean and crisp logo that also manifested as a brand identity. The linear form complements photography when overlaid, and the repeated triangular forms are versatile. The triangular logo is strong enough to stand alone as a punchy graphic, as well as being accompanied by text.

The Pinsight app has two versions; a free app in which a limited amount of flyover footage is available, and a paid for ‘pro’ app in which all the HD footage is available. Pinsight Pro has an adapted colour palette. It’s deep and rich, delivering increased luxury.

Pinsight image