Empowering the public with air-pollution information and powering the IoT revolution.

How it works

CleanSpace tracks your journeys, rewards you for your clean travel choices and shows you your air quality exposure. Everything about this project was pioneering which is what excited us so much about being involved.

We worked with Drayson Technologies from concept to realisation. Creating branding and identity for Cleanspace and Freevolt, developing the tracking and prediction engine, designing the UX and UI for their web and mobile apps, and producing the industrial design for the Tag.

Passively and accurately predicting the user’s mode of transport from the movements of their mobile phone is a core component of the app. We created a prototype for a system which used a machine learning algorithm to turn information from the sensors on a phone into a prediction of whether the user was on foot, cycling, on a bus, train, or any other method of transport.

Cleanspace image

Delivering the first application for Freevolt

Freevolt is a revolutionary energy harvesting technology that uses ambient radio waves to power low power devices. This helps facilitate the IoT with sensors that don’t require, charging, batteries or cables.

Being the first in the world to work with this technology was extremely exciting. We helped set the standards for Freevolt and establish compatible materials, construction methods and structure. We designed the Freevolt Tag, a portable Carbon-Monoxide sensor for CleanSapce. We designed the Tag to maintain a pocket sized form factor with low energy consumption interactions. This was by no means a trivial exercise and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved.

Cleanspace image

Branding CleanSpace and Freevolt

We designed the brand to reflect its stance between science, health and lifestyle. Due to the nature of the information we were conveying, we also wanted it to be strong and trustworthy. We branded the tag with the intention of complementing its industrial design as well as the concepts that lead to the creation of Cleanspace; cleaner, pollution free spaces.